6 February 2023

Feature Spotlight: Live Chat

Improve patient experience and increase conversions with the convenience of live chat on your dental website.


As a dental practice, connecting with your patients is essential. And in today’s world, technology provides us with a wide range of tools to do just that. One of the most effective tools available is live chat. By using live chat, your practice can offer your patients a more personalized and convenient experience.

Benefits of using live chat on your dental website

Many of our clients are reaping the awards of live chat functionality on their site. We recommend the awesome team at Enquirybot to get you started. Here are some of the benefits of using live chat to connect with your patients.

Instant communication

Live chat allows your patients to get in touch with your practice instantly, without having to wait on hold or wait for an email response. This can be especially helpful for patients who have urgent dental needs or questions that need immediate attention.

Convenient and flexible

With live chat, your patients can get in touch with your practice from anywhere, at any time. Whether they’re at home or on the go, live chat makes it easy for your patients to reach out to your practice and get the help they need.

Personalized interaction

By offering live chat, your practice can provide a more personalized experience for your patients. With a live person on the other end of the chat, your patients can get their questions answered in real-time and build a positive relationship with your practice.

Increased patient satisfaction

When your practice provides a convenient and personalized experience, it can lead to increased patient satisfaction. Happy patients are more likely to recommend your practice to others and return for future appointments.

Improved efficiency

Live chat can also help improve the efficiency of your practice. By reducing the volume of phone calls and emails, your staff can focus on other important tasks like patient care.

When implementing live chat, it’s important to ensure that your staff is trained to handle live chat interactions professionally and efficiently. Make sure that live chat is available during your practice’s business hours, and that patients are informed about how to access live chat.


In conclusion, live chat is a fantastic way for dental practices to connect with their patients in a more personalized and convenient way. We’ve see our clients achieve great results with live chat – take Woodcote Dental for example. By providing a positive experience, you can improve patient satisfaction and establish a positive relationship with your patients. Consider adding live chat to your practice’s website to improve your patient experience and streamline your communication processes.

Further, what better to couple live chat functionality with than a brand new dental website? Book your demo with us to see how our websites use Live Chat.